The ‘die hard’ and the boomerang effect

In 2006 aspects and midpoint combinations of Saturn and Pluto kept coming back in my ‘paper’. Also connections of Scorpio with Saturn or of Capricorn and Pluto were more prominent then ever in the messages on my blogs. So I wondered: What is the meaning of the planets and the combination? You read the answer here and you find examples of people in the news with the ‘die hard’ in their chart or in transit. But first some explanation about Saturn, Pluto and the combination Saturn-Pluto. And in the end some more about beauty and Saturn-Pluto…


Saturn symbolizes all that concentrates, hardens, makes older and offers disadvantages like poverty, imprisonment, lost, failures and …the law. Restrictions belong to Saturn and Saturn disposes of Capricorn, the top house. Planet, sign and 10th house refer to the ambitions and career, your status and position and the respect you get in life. Saturn is the law, Jupiter is the interpreter of the law. Saturn’s territory is the government, management and business.

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Pluto is the symbol of power, tests, life and death- issuses, comebacks, influence and everything that is connected to that. Like sexuality, money and gain, oil and stocks, the mob, enemies, violence, profit, prizes, force, potention, resistance, inquieries. Pluto’s territory is the stock market (values), politics, defense, oil and wherever you can win (if you pay the price).


When Saturn and Pluto join forces you get a strong concentration, a focus. For example when you are doing a hard, lonely or cold job.. Saturn is the governmental law, Pluto is the law of the street (where the strongest is the winner), so if they join eventually the law will win. Strictly maintaining ancient rules: Saturn and Pluto together! Those with both of the planets in the fourth house will have a hard and unpleasant background (but with good aspects there can be done something about or with that experience). No water in the wine with Saturn and Pluto on the label….

BOOMERANG (the come back of a mistake)

There is a certain ‘boomerang’ effect with Saturn-Pluto combinations. The slightest error in the past made during a Saturn-Pluto aspect might turn against you later, when Saturn joins Pluto again. Investigations about peoples’ past bring errors to the light during a progression or transit that combines the planets and force the native to resign. Saturn brings up the disadvantages of research and investigations. An example is the transit of Saturn on the natal Pluto of football trainer Guus Hiddink in 2005/2006.


All of us have a midpoint Saturn/Pluto somewhere in the chart. You can imagine that this is the focus point of strong concentration, the heavy test or challenge, death. This combination might indicate ‘being extremely lonely’. If there is a planet in the natal chart making a hard aspect with the midpoint Saturn/Pluto that will be an important point in life! In politics it is the combination of strong opposition.

Joined with the Sun your health could be the issue, with the Moon nasty memories might come up and won’t easily be forgotten. Mercury offers a strategic mind in combination with Saturn/Pluto.

Many politicians have Mercury, Saturn and Pluto combined in aspect or midpoint structure. Only a few have not. It is the combination of strategic thinking and talking (and carefully telling the world what you want them to know).

With Venus love and pleasure are related to heavy tests and you may have to suffer to be beautiful (see the PS).

Mars adds combats and struggle, and this combination is often seen in cases of violence, danger and unnatural death.

Jupiter offers some result for all the hard labour and with the MC on Saturn/Pluto you might be ascetic (because testing yourself is your life’s goal).

On the ascendant Saturn/Pluto marks your way of doing it by adding something stiff and formal and making you look a bit hard and cool, perhaps due to circumstances.


You need to have an important Saturn or Pluto or Saturn-Pluto in the natal chart to see the resonation of the Saturn-Pluto transit. But if you deal with governments, law, politics or if you are an authority, this transit is always important. Saturn is for the nasty sides of politics. Pluto is for intense concern control and caution.

Of course Saturn over Pluto is a generational aspect. This transit is important however for those with power, influence or money to loose. And if Pluto is an important part of your natal chart, you cannot miss this aspect.

People born between June 1939 and June 1958 experience or experienced Saturn conjunct Pluto first between mid September of 1975 untill end of July of 1978 (first period) and later between mid of July of 2005 and beginnings of September of 2007. When I first wrote this article it was right in the middle of that period!

SATURN TRINE PLUTO Saturn trine Pluto indicates a harmonic relation between concentration and focus. You are probably someone who can concentrate, be hard (also on yourself) and who knows how to be in control (…also of yourself). A wonderful aspect for an athlete or for a scientific study. Spanish King Juan Carlos has a perfect trine of Saturn and Pluto and he managed to stop a revolution! Another royal person with Saturn trine Pluto was King Haakon VII, born August 3, 1872 in Copenhagen. He had a vital role in the resistance against the occupation by the Germans.

Here are a couple of examples of  THE NEWS OF 2006 to show the Saturn-Pluto effect:

  • NASTY EVENTS Israelian colonist, taken away by force at 28th June 2006 by transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate Pluto. He was born 2nd February 1988 with Sun semi square Saturn and square Pluto, Saturn is on the midpoint of Sun/Pluto in his chart.
Bruce Willis, born 19th March 1955 at 18h32 in Idar Oberstein is know for his ‘Die hard’ movies’. He is then acting as a solo operationg heroe. In his natal chart Saturn in Scorpio opposes Mars at Zero Aries. More than once and actor seems to play the role that fits him…
Mel Gibson, 3 January 1956 at16h45 in Peekskill, often acts as a strong heroe in the movies. He has the Sun semi square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Pluto.
  • REPUTATIONS: Paul’s brother Mike McCartney (7-1-1944 Liverpool) has Saturn in mutual reception with Pluto and in affliction. He was in the news because of his behaviour towards women.
Vittorio Emanuele (Italian prince born in Napels on February 12 1937) once shot a German tourist, who died later. That was with Transit Mars square progressed Saturn and  inconjunct Porgressed Pluto (the combination of violent death)! In his natal chart: Sun square Saturn/Pluto, Venus square Saturn/Pluto, Northern Node square Saturn and Mars/Pluto, Saturn opposed to Mars/Pluto. The effect is stronger when the natal chart is mirroring the transit..
  • JUSTICE Margareth Ann Pahl was born 6th April 1909 and became the victim of a priest. On the day of the murder transit Pluto opposed her progressed Saturn.
  • JUSTICE Slobodan Milosevic (20th August 1941, Pozareva) ws arrested with Transit Saturn conjunct the Sun on April 1 1001 and he died on March 11 2006 with transit Saturn conjunct Pluto.
Didier Drogba, football player born in Abidjan on March 11 1978 had a moment of excellence during a World Championsip 2006 game during a transit of Pluto trine Saturn (he gained respect). In his natal chart the Sun opposes the midpoints Mars/Uranus and Saturn/Pluto.
  • SPORTS André Agassi (29th april 1970, LA) has Sun conjunct Saturn and sesquiquadrate Pluto in his natal chart. A solo sportsman! He stopped in 2006 in the year that transit Saturn squared the Sun (the age…:).
  • SPORTS Marco van Basten (31st October 1964, 10h25 a.m. Utrecht) has a Scorpio Sun. During the World Championships of 2006 there were hard times with transit Saturn over the Sun.
  • SPORTS Skater Marianne Timmer, 13th October 1974 has Sun conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. Also skater Erben Wennemars has a Scorpio Sun square Saturn. It is a lonely and cold sport.
  • SAINTS Father Eustachie of Lieshout was sanctified on June 15 2006 during a transit of Saturn inconjunct the progressed Sun and a transit of Pluto semi square the Sun. He was born November 3, 1890 in Aarle Rixtel. Of course, he was already dead when he was sanctified. We could read the transits like this: getting respect, but too late and a frustrating comeback. He was not alone. Father Damian (Pater Damiaan) had Saturn semis square Sun and progresed Sun opposed Saturn when he was named ‘holy’ on December 2, 1950). Almost the same combination!
  • BUSINESS Hans Breukhoven (31st October 1946, owner of the Dutch Free Record Shop) has Sun conjunct Jupiter, sesquiquadrate Uranus, square Saturn and square Pluto. Scorpio Sun and Moon in Capricorn. Here there is a double ‘die hard’ combination. He is a self made millionair.
  • POLITICS Ayaan Hirsi Ali, now working in New York, had Sun Arc Pluto oppposition Saturn when a journalist found out that she gave a fake name when she entered Holland. Saturn-Pluto: the disadvantages of an inquiry!
  • Mao Zedong had a chart with Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct Saturn and semi square Pluto. He was motivated to be in charge and for power. The Saturn-Pluto – Sun/Moon combination motivated to be ‘a die hard’.

HILLARY CLINTON as an example of the boomerang effect

On August 7, 2006 Hillary Clinton had Saturn on top of the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in her natal chart. End of June 1977 that happened before. And it is funny, but some ‘googling’ will tell you that any time that happens an old story returns about her involvement with Black Panthers. In 1999-2000 that story was news too and…transit Saturn squared Mars-Pluto at that time. It is like a pattern that keeps coming back. It is suggested that she was personally responsable for defending killers and for lobbying for their freedom. Why is this coming back again and again? Because Mars and Pluto are connected to Aries Point! And why is there always a story about money too? Because Saturn disposed of the 8th house of gain, profit and other people’s money and because Mars, Saturn and Pluto (a dangerous combination!) are in the second house of money.

On I wrote about Saturn-Pluto:

Saturn square Pluto and conspiracy theories

It is Saturn square Pluto time. Maybe that is why there are new conspiracy theories, for example about the vaccination campaigns for Mexican Flu (H1N1). There are examples of the effect of Saturn-Pluto related to conspiracies about 9/11 on this blog here. They are:
– David Ray Griffin with a narrow Saturn square Pluto,
– Mel Gibson with Sun in Capricorn semi square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Pluto and
– Charlie Sheen with Sun conjunct Pluto and opposition Saturn…..

Saturn and Pluto at worst are the perfect combination of fear and danger, mistrust and anger. With Saturn and Pluto related to Aries Point, theories about nano particles in the vaccin to offer the government the chance to know about your whereabouts and more, reach the public. There is a Minister of Health in Europe whose progressed Sun is now conjunct transit Pluto and square transit Saturn. He has tried (too late) to convince the public that it is really really safe to be vaccinated. But the reactions on the web tell me that a lot of people have strong (Pluto) reservations (Saturn), still.


Attractive modern entertainers and actors, (those males who know and use their appearances), often have the hot planet Venus in a cool sign like Virgo or Capricorn. And they have Saturn in aspect with Venus or the Ascendant. We admire them from a distance. Males with closer contacts with women have more placements in Taurus and Libra. But how about women? I compared the charts of eight women who are considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And I found Venus-Saturn (just like in the charts of men) and Venus-Pluto, together, in 7 of them. But there are exceptions (there always are…): Catherine Deneuve. However… She has Venus ‘calling’ in the eight house (the house of Pluto) trine the Capricorn Ascendant. See the post on Astropost for the charts of beautiful women and the combination of Venus-Saturn-Pluto.

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